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Enclosed Auto Transport provides auto shipping from coast to coast as well as to Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and other locations globally. We transport standard sedans, compact cars, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, mini-vans, cargo vans and classic, vintage and sports cars as well as other vehicles. If it has wheels and you can drive it, we can have it transported where you need it to be and we will have it delivered in style with the best in enclosed automobile transportation.


We provide fully insured, door to door auto transport to all areas of the United States. We provide transport to every city and state including Alaska and Hawaii. Moving to a warmer climate during the winter? We offer great rates for snowbird auto transport and serve thousands each year that return to us season after season.


How Will You Ship?

Enclosed Auto Transport offers many high quality ways to ship a vehicle. While we specialize in enclosed transport, we also have access the nation’s most elite open carriers as well. You will need to determine whether you want to use open or enclosed transportation for your automobile. You should know the following information when determining the mode of transport you want to use:


  • Open Auto Transport

The majority of vehicles shipped across the U.S., and even the world, are shipped with some type of open transport method. Whether on a truck, trailer or even an ocean ship. Open transport is the least expensive way to ship a car as well as the fastest due to the fact that there are typically more open carriers available than enclosed carriers. If you ship with open transport you should know that the vehicle will be exposed to the elements such as wind and rain, snow and other weather as well as road debris, animals and other debris on the roadway. The vehicle will however, not rack up the extra mileage and wear and tear as it would if it were being driven the distance.


  • Enclosed Auto Transport

When you need a way to ship that will keep the vehicle safe from the elements and possible cosmetic damage, vandalism or other possible damage during shipment, enclosed transport is the best way to go. This type of transport will cost more than open transport options will, but the vehicle will be safe and secure during shipment. Those that own classics, muscle cars or vintage and luxury cars usually prefer to ship with enclosed transport. Our specialty is fully enclosed automobile transport and we can ship vehicles across the U.S. or across the ocean with fully secure enclosed shipping methods.


Enclosed Auto Transport offer a wide array of shipping options and can ship all types of automobiles, trucks and other vehicles. We handle the most beautiful vehicles in the world on a daily basis and we provide high quality, completely secure transport that is guaranteed to be damage free and on time with every delivery.


We offer the following services to our customers nationwide:


  • Nationwide Door to Door Service
  • Fully Insured Auto Transport
  • A Network of more than 60,000 Nationwide Carriers
  • Automobile Transport
  • Oversized Vehicle Transport
  • Inoperable Vehicle Transport
  • Overseas Transport
  • Vacation/Seasonal Transport
  • Military Vehicle Shipping
  • Corporate Relocation
  • Dealership Trade
  • Single and Multi-Load Transport


We can ship to any location in the United States including to Alaska and Hawaii. We also ship to locations overseas and can assist with information on customs regulations, taxes and documents that are required to export or import the vehicle.



Getting Started


You can get started with your auto transport by filling out the fast quote form. You can also contact a team member by phone and we will be happy to answer your questions and get your car scheduled for transport.